Regenative face serum

Standaard verzending 1 - 3 Werkdagen

An amazing facial serum made of Argan oil, apricot kernal oil, black seed oil, liposomal vit A, liposomal vit E, essential oils of frankincense and patchoui.
The argan, apricot kernal and black seed oil all feed and rejuvinate the skin.
Argan oil
absorbs quickly, reduces fine wrinkels, tones, and does not clog pores, is rich in vit A and E, reduces signs of skin aging, increases skin elasticity and hydration in post menopausal women, eliminates age spots, reduces open pores
Apricot kernal oil maintains the balance of moisture and fills in gaps between skin cells to leave skin silky and hydrated, high in vit E it boosts the skins ability to retain elasticity and clarity, also high on vit C it promotes collagen production, the vit A in it helps repair uv related skin damage ans smoothes skin to reduce wrinkles.
Blackseed  oil the oil of Nigella satvia is packed with valuable components such as vit A,B and C, calcium, potassium,magnesium, zinc, and trace elements providing everything necessary for skin recovery and repair. It is a powerful anti-oxidant, all in all a magical plant and oil known to cure ecerything but death.
Cleopatra was known to use this oil.

Frankincense essential oil is great for improving skin elasticity, cellular rejuvination, lifting skin, closing open pores, fades scars and stretch marks, heal dry skin and is anti imflammatory.
Patchouli heals scars and blemishes, reduces appearences of fine lines and wrinkels, boosts blood circulation, makes skin look and feel smooth and healthy


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