Calm AF tincture

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My Calm AF Motherwort/Valerian root and California Poppy tincture. Made from home grown herbs and vodka. This ticture has helped me tremedously.
 giving a soothing calming support when you are overwhelmed and feel like you are about to go over the edge, she’s a strong mother with loving arms telling you you are strong.. feeding your nerves and good common sense. Motherwort calms but does not sedate..being your ally in times of grief, fear, anger or overwhelmingness.
Valerian root gives great calm during times of stress, it doesn’t make drowsy and yet can promote good sleep.
Californina poppy is a sedative, especially useful for treating anxiety and restlessness. It also serves as a pain reliever for body, head and toothaches and in many cases induces a deep and dreamless sleep.
These herbs are great for stressfull times, or during pre/menopausal years... calming down hotflashes and heart palpatations within minutes.




Made from home grown organic Motherwort and Valerian root in organic vodka

Bijzondere instructies

Take 15-30 drops in water or under the tongue as needed.