Hi there! I’m Flory, a dutch girl with the heart of a mountain girl. I was born in the Netherlands, raised in the  mountains of Virginia, and am now living in the Netherlands again.  
I have always been connected to and facinated by nature and the self healing capabilities of the body.  
I am a birth and death doula. I hold space for the birthing and the dying to be able to make the journey they need to make, to guide them through the transition that stands before them.
I am married to one of the most awesome men I know and together we have 4 children.  My  vision is to one day soon find a place to live where we can be self sufficient,  a place where I can grow my healing herbs, make my medicine, Share or sell my  goodies on the farmers market, connect with others. A place where my husband can brew his  beer with mountain spring water, my kids & animals can run free and my husband and I can swim and dance naked  under the full moon.

Hope to see you there....