Ancient medicine

I have always believed in the self healing abilities of the body and soul.  Each and every cell in our body is filled with primordial wisdom. Thought alone can heal us. So can food, herbs, pure spring water, silence, laughter and one of my favorites..essential oils. I so enjoy making healing potions for my family and friends, tea’s, herbal tinctures, creams, butters, lotions, balms and oils. Making your own medicine is a great way to connect with self and nature. When you make medicine for yourself or your family the medicine is stronger and more dedicated to healing than when you buy  from a store.
If you wish to start making your own awsome earthy medicine you can do so buy growing your own herbs and harvesting them for tea’s and tictures as a start. You can also start working with essential oils... there is so much to do with these oils.  I personally chose to use and sell pure organic oils like NHR Organic Oils. As they make the purist organic oils, The highest quality, and most potent therapeutic and food grade organic oils, you can buy.

“Everything we produce is bottled by hand and with care from the latest distillations and harvests.“

* We only use certified Organic ingredients in all our products. 

* We specialise is the highest quality certified organic oils at the most competitive prices, we will endeavour to beat any bulk quantity quote.

* Food grade essential oils. 100% of our organic essential oils and organic vegetable oils are also food grade certified as well as organic certified making them the highest quality grade possible that one can buy.

* NO ingredients are tested on animals. None of our products are tested on animals.

* We don't use emulsifiers, colouring or artificial fragrances, synthetic additives or GMO's, or in fact anything that is not certified Organic and natural.


* We do not use any preservatives in our products. 99% of other Organic and natural manufacturers use preservatives which allow a longer shelf life - a more convenient factor when bulk bottling - but at what cost to your body? We are not prepared to compromise in any way with the purity of our Organic range. Hence we bottle by hand in small batches to keep everything fresh for when you place your order. The shelf life may be shorter (6 months minimum up to 2 years) but you are using the purest certified Organic products you can buy in the world.

Only the finest essential oils from NHR....