Ancient medicine

I have always believed in the self healing abilities of the body and soul.  Each and every cell in our body is filled with primordial wisdom. Thought alone can heal us. So can food, herbs, pure spring water, silence, laughter and one of my favorites..essential oils. I so enjoy making healing potions for my family and friends, tea’s, herbal tinctures, creams, butters, lotions, balms and oils. Making your own medicine is a great way to connect with self and nature. When you make medicine for yourself or your family the medicine is stronger and more dedicated to healing than when you buy  from a store. 
If you wish to start making your own awsome earthy medicine you can do so buy growing your own herbs and harvesting them for tea’s and tictures as a start. You can also start working with essential oils... there is so much to do with these oils.  I personally chose to use the Young Living Essential Oils, as they have a Seed to Seal guarantee. 
I was extatic when I recieved my YL starter kit. So much information and so many ideas.  And everyone I met along the way in all the different YL tribes and groups were so was amazing. If you want to work with essential oils and decide to use Young Living then  Signing up and joining is easy. 

Here’s how it goes: 
When you order a starter kit  from YL you will get 11 premium oils + 1 diffuser (such a fun thing to have). No strings attached. At that point, you’re in! 

You can either use the 24% to buy your own oils cheaper or you can choose to start building your own business.

Click on the button below and follow these instructions to join...

Step by step. 

1. Choose “Member”  - Click the button that says "Join"  and choose member this is how you get the starter kit and your 24% discount on any additional oil purchases. (Don't click "retail" - this is important. No starter kits here, you pay more and you don't enroll in the team.)

2. Sponsor + Enroller - In order to join The Oil Method Team your number for sponsor + enrollee should be 16683104 . Double check that both numbers are filled in correctly before continuing. When asked if you want to get a personal or business acount, always choose personal!

3. Choose Premium Starter Kit. This includes the 11 oils we went over, plus your choice of a diffuser, 2 packets of Ningxia, a Thieves Cleaner sample and information to get you started! 

4. Essential Rewards!  This is not required if you just want to buy oils, but it’s amaze balls and it's a super fun and affordable way to start building your business, if you’re interested. You'll earn money back on every order and tons of freebies!

5. Welcome email from me. After you have signed up with YL and put in your order you will receive a welcome email with access to the Oil Method within 24 hours.

If you still have questions before joining, send me an email. I'm here to help!